Snowball sharpens leadership skills


Senior Sage Lawson passes the ‘Warm Fuzzy’ to junior Kellyanne Critzer symbolizing the transition of leadership.

Students and staff went to Camp Duncan as a part of Snowball to learn about self potential and team-building skills.
Upperclassmen, or young adult counselors, (YACs) had the chance to work with staff to lead groups throughout the day.
“In our group, Abby Holm and I were the YACs, leading everyone in discussion and further controlling our group. We demonstrated what leaders are by incorporating anyone and everyone into activities and discussions,” said senior Sage Lawson. “This gave us leadership skills while also giving us the opportunity to control the group.
To prepare for the retreat, YACs learned about the skills that they needed and helped strengthen them.
“Snowball has definitely influenced my skills of being a leader because usually I’m not the one to take initiative. Even though I wasn’t comfortable at first, I know it’s always good to get out of my comfort spot,” said senior Shannon Keilwitz.
Though it is not always fun and games, sponsors want the kids to take away important lessons. YACs also had the opportunity to lead discussions about being drug free and having long term goals.
“What my group discussed was to make sure that we see life through everyone’s eyes. We talked about how we need to make sure we understand how everyone feels in our everyday lives. We also talked about goals in our life, both long and short,” Keilwitz said.
For many of the YACs, it was their last year to participate. Their last retreat was their time to showcase their leadership skills and what they’ve learned.
“The biggest effect Snowball has had on my life is the leadership skills it gave me. Throughout all my four years being at North, there is no other club that simply demonstrates the leadership opportunities that Snowball has,”Lawson said. “By working together in a group, as well as incorporating each other in any aspect, everyone leaves the retreat as a leader.”
“I feel that Snowball symbolizes positive choices, being healthy and safe, and being an overall good person,” said Kirchway.