Boys golf reflects on season


The boys varsity golf team finished the season this year with a record of 1-10, but players individually achieve their goals.
Junior Brian Szramek made it to Sectionals, which is one step before State.
“I completed my goal this year by going to Sectionals,” Szramek said.
The head varsity coach of the boys golf team is Tim Hough, who is also a assistant coach for the boys varsity basketball team.
“Last year we were 5-6, but this year we lost four matches by a total of five strokes,” said Coach Hough.
“We were 0-10 in conference, 1-0 non-conference, and 1-10 overall,” Hough said. “Our goal was to improve throughout the season, and we did that both as individuals and as a team in terms of our score.”
The boys varsity golf head coach has some goals for next year.
“[Our goals were] to have our players play more over the summer to be able to lower our scores coming into the season.”
Senior Dylan Rowder has been participating in golf for four years and has made some improvements from last year.
“I completed my goals this year,” Rowder said. “We had a better record last year, but our scores were better this year.”
Junior Adam Calhoun completed his goal this year for golf.
“My goal was to secure a spot on varsity, and as the year went on, my scores improved in both tournaments and matches,” Calhoun said.