Safety concerns rise due to recent Vegas shooting

After the recent Las Vegas shooting, Grayslake North reinforces ideas of safety and security at school.

The high school encourages students to be more observant and aware of their surroundings after the shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017.

“It doesn’t have to be on your mind all the time, but being aware of where you are and having a plan if you need to leave quickly is a good idea,” said Officer Amy Guzman.

Grayslake North ensures a safe and secure community to make every student feel protected and that they are in a safe place to learn.

“If someone unauthorized were to enter the school, we would have to notify the administrators, then we go into hard lockdown and notify the local authorities,” said head of security Theo Hayes.

Because of the Second Amendment, anyone can carry around a gun. There are plenty of opinions on gun control, but one opinion about gun control continues to increase after events such as the Las Vegas shooting.

“My personal opinion is that I don’t feel that a person should carry a gun around. However in many states, it is legal to carry a gun, and they have permits to carry guns on their person, but I feel that people running out to buy a gun and gun attachment is disturbing,” said psychologist Dawn Deacon.

Although Grayslake is a small and quiet town, this does not make it the safest place.

“A shooting like that, it could happen here. It could happen anywhere,” Hayes said. “This is a quiet town. It’s relaxed. This doesn’t mean that a shooting will happen, but that it could.”

Keeping yourself safe and staying out of harm’s way is top priority, as well as knowing what to do in a situation where you no longer feel safe.

“Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, it probably is,” Guzman said.