Makerspace begins


Students create pokeballs at makerspace in the library.

There’s a new place where students can create on Monday through makerspace in the library.

At makerspace, students can create different projects during lunch hours. It made its debut last year, but has since grown.

“Makerspace is any place where students are given the opportunity to be creative and try new things, without the pressure of grades and the fear that if they fail at something, it’s going to be embarrassing,” said head librarian Cynthia Karabush.

If students are interested in attending makerspace, they can ask Cynthia Karabush, who would be more than happy to let students participate. She works hard to find new projects that students can do.

“I subscribe to an online group that promotes makerspace. I visit other libraries to see what they are doing with their makerspace, and I keep an eye out to come up with new ideas,” Karabush said.

These ideas have led to projects such as duct tape wallets, paper pumpkins made out of books, and plushies such as the upcoming “Las Muertas” dolls for El Día De Los Muertos and Halloween.

“Makerspace kind of grew on its own,” Karabush said. “Two years ago I had a student teacher who was interested in adult coloring, so she set up a stand with coloring sheets, and it became so popular that we kept adding activities.”

The makerspace has grown to the point where it isn’t just run by teachers. Even students can suggest project ideas.

“I enjoy planning crafts to do for future Maker Mondays,” said freshman Caitlyn Christ.

The makerspace meetings are infrequent, usually having only one or two scheduled meetings a month. However, if the projects take longer than the class periods, students can attend for as long as they need.