Tennis works hard for success

The tennis team is off to a winning start this year, and the girls are having fun while working hard to keep up the success.

“The friendships which are formed between all of the girls is something that would definitely make new girls want to come out for the team,” said junior Lucy Dalton.

The girls tennis team has become very popular this year. Of the forty girls that tried out for the team, thirty-six made it. Even better, the team they have now is stronger than ever.

“They hear good things from friends or upperclassmen and how tennis is a very welcoming and fun sport. Whether you know how to play or not, it’s a positive experience no matter what,” said junior Caroline Kowalski.

Although it is early in the season, they are starting off strong with a record of 8-5. The girls have put in lots of hard work and effort to get the record they have.

“So far our record is better than what it is was last year, and because of the hard work put in by the majority of the girls, the skill level of the team is greatly improved in comparison to last year,” Dalton said.

Overall, the hopes for the team is that they all improve, do well in tournaments and have some fun and make memories along the way. Coach Jill Tomasello has high hopes for this year’s team.

“I am hoping to finish the season in the top half of our conference and to hopefully have a couple of All-Conference medalists,” Tomasello said.

It is always important for the girls to remember that they have friends there for them on and off the court. They are always there for each other to help them improve and get better at tennis. Their closeness is what helps them to be better on