BBC Sherlock Review

As soon as anyone goes online, it is difficult to not find something about the popular television show “Sherlock” on BBC, created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. It is a well-written and interesting show with fascinating plot twists and relatable characters, though it has some extreme faults.

“Sherlock” is based off the original book series by the same name, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. BBC has also produced a number of shows, including “Doctor Who,” “Supernatural,” “Master Chef,” and even “Teletubbies,” to just name a few of their works. The show follows the sociopathic consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and his one and only friend, the former army doctor, Dr. John Watson, played by Martin Freeman.

“Sherlock” is much like the books in that the two main characters solve mysteries in London. However, the series gives a helpful modern twist to the novels, letting people relate to the characters. As an example, Sherlock will use texting as his primary method of communication, and there are multiple cases where cellphones are responsible for solving the case, as demonstrated in the first episode A Study in Pink.

Unfortunately, Sherlock is guilty of a major crime in the film industry: hiatuses. “Sherlock” currently has a total of twelve episodes, despite starting in 2010. Between seasons, fans can expect a wait one or two years long. This has caused the fans to become unpredictable, resulting in ridiculous Photoshop, overanalyzing everything, and many more dangerous habits. One of these habits is pairing up the main characters Sherlock and John romantically. The directors do not confirm nor deny these pairs, even though they are well aware of the pairs. People will decide to watch the show because of the perceived relationship, that fans call “Johnlock,” when  there is no such pairing. This is woefully common in recent media and I think it’s rude and misleading.

All in all, it is a lovely show that is extremely interesting. The characters are played beautifully, never too stony or overreacting, and the plot twists are unexpected, but the surprise is never overplayed. If you’re interested in fascinating mysteries, great plotlines, and in-depth characters, it is certainly worth watching.