Flood devastates neighboring areas


Many people from the Lake County area were affected by the flood that occurred in mid July of this year.
Small cities including Round Lake, Grayslake, Fox Lake, and many more were affected by the amount of water that flooded the streets. The amount of water filling people’s houses, stores and restaurants became a big issue. Some of the stores and restaurants that were affected were 7-eleven, Family Video, and Bill’s Pub.
In the Round Lake area, a sophomore named Mauricio Perez was so affected from the flood that he had to get evacuated from his home because of the large amount of water in the area. Some of his neighbors also had to leave their homes for a day because of the amount of water.
“Some people around my neighborhood are forced to remodel their homes due to the flood. The only way they got out of their homes was by going on rafts to stay safe from the flood,” Perez said.
In the Grayslake area, another sophomore named Dominic Solano, who lives in Mariner’s Cove, also had damage from the flood
“My dad’s basement got flooded, and he had to leave his house for a couple of days. We had to replace our carpet in the basement and get rid of our couch,” Solano said.
In the Grayslake area, many businesses were affected. Summer’s Boutique, owned by Tina Williams, was affected by the flood. In her job she takes broken items and fixes them and sells them. She went to her job to see if anything from her workplace was affected by the flood
“Most of the parking lot was full of flood water,” said small business owner Tina Williams.
Even some parts inside the store, including some chairs from the store and some tables she was working on repainting, got damaged.
“I lost ten thousand dollars worth of furniture, about three tons, and lost revenue because we had to shut the store down and two months of clean up,” Williams said.