Dead Last 5K raises money for The Oasis


An unusual 5K run was held on Saturday, September 16, at the College of Lake County.

This was the Dead Last 5 K Run/Walk, or as some refer to it as the Zombie Run, and this wasn’t the boring 5K when people just half-heartedly run on a track.

Each participant wore a flag football belt that the volunteers, dressed as zombies, would grab. Along the track the organizers hung up signs with slogans such as, “Run or Die,” and their catchphrase and hashtag, “Dead last.”

“We made this 5K different from all the others. The participants have flag football belts on, and the zombies will try to rip them off,” said Greg Henkin, the organizer of the event.

All of the proceeds were donated to Oasis, the youth center in Grayslake.

There were many different tents set up, including a tent where people may get their makeup done to look like a zombie, a tent with water bottles and snacks for all visitors, and a tent where three men dressed as the Ghostbusters relaxed and took pictures with the guests.

There were even people from Grayslake North volunteering at the Zombie Run.

“It was kinda funny to see all the people in makeup and watch all the runners,” said freshman Cecilia Luth.