Choir performs spring concert

   The choir had their final concert last week on the May 11 at Grayslake Central.

   All year long, the choir worked long and hard on practicing songs to perform at concerts and bring a good show.

   “The students did an exceptional job.  They really showed how much they have improved during the year,” said Paul Nielsen, the choir director.

   The choir finished the year off by singing 15 last songs, and half of them were sung without any instruments.

   “Normally our songs have piano or other instruments to go along with the signing,” Neilsen said.

   They sang songs like “Music Down in my Soul,” “I will be Earth, Desh” and “Nani Na Pua Ko’olau.” Although they did an exceptional job, there will always be a little something that can be improved and built off off.

   “We always want to improve our music reading skills, as well as our overall tone production.  Forming clearer words is also something that could always be improved,” Neilsen said.