Supernatural review

The hit television show Supernatural is crawling to an intense and possibly a heartbreaking end of its 12 season.
Supernatural has been running since 2005 and hasn’t stopped the endless adventures of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester.
The show was created by Eric Kripke and is produced by Robert Singer, Sera Gamble, Jeremy Carver, Phil Sgriccia, John Shiban, Adam Glass and Ben Edlund.
The Winchester brothers were raised into hunting supernatural things by their father, John. The reason John Winchester started hunting things was because his wife was horrifically killed by a demon, and he wanted to hunt it down. He taught Sam and Dean everything he learned from his years of hunting, and it ends up being what the family does. At first Sam goes to college but ends up falling right back in with the hunting business. Sam and Dean live the fast life driving though states and working jobs killing ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, clowns, demons, and at some point they even hunt angels. Anything people can think of, Sam and Dean have most likely hunted and killed it.
As the Winchester brothers cross the country, they uncover the truth about who they really are. They discover that they play big roles between the world of angels and demons and are told countless times who they are meant to be and that it’s their fate. Eventually they work around the problem to solve it, only to have another after and have to find a way to get through it again. They meet new people and make loyal friends along the way to uncover the mysteries of the supernatural world.
Despite all the bad things that happen to the brothers, they find their way back to each other every time and continue to be a family as much as possible. Sam and Dean stick with each other and fight for one another no matter what happens. Supernatural isn’t just about hunting and killing things, it’s about sticking with family and staying by one’s side through thick and thin.
This is a show for people who enjoy fantasy horror and can enjoy a little mystery. Netflix has all of the 11 seasons and will most likely update season 12 once that season is allowed to be updated.
Watch the rest of season 12 on CW at seven on Thursdays.