Beauty and the Beast review

Disney’s new remake live action movie of Beauty and the Beast was released into theaters March 17.
Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast was everything it was suspected to be with amazing songs and beautiful set up.
The movie was directed by Bill Condon, produced by Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman, and composed by Alan Menken.
It follows the original storyline but adds in a bit of the Grimm Brother’s tale of Beauty and the Beast which gives the movie a few twists. Belle (Emma Watson) is of course the odd one out of her village and is still the one Gaston (Luke Evans) is trying to marry, but once she’s at the castle with the Beast (Dan Stevens), it seems like she fits in more with the talking furniture and a Beast. The Beast is very head strong and mean, but as the story plays out, it shows that the Beast never meant much harm to anyone and that there really was a man behind the Beast that Belle was able to look past.
Something that is different about it is that before Belle’s father left she asked for him to bring her back a rose. The reason why the beast locks Maurice (Kevin Kline) up is because he took a rose from the garden. Belle found her father and stayed because she felt guilty for getting her father into the situation. The movie also shows the enchantress who cursed the Beast be a small part of the plot because she knew that Belle would be the girl all along and practically had everything set up from the start.
Beauty and the Beast is a great family movie that kids and parents can both watch together.