District 127 opens up summer school registration

Summer school will be held at Grayslake Central for students who choose to take a summer school course.
“Specific teachers for each of the courses have been identified but are not available yet,” said counselor Kevin Ball.
There will be certain classes that run after everyone signs up because people normally sign up during the last few months of the school year. The summer school program will not know for sure what classes are going to run.
“In the past, some of the most popular courses have been Exploring World Cultures, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry (AAT) and Driver Ed,” Ball said.
New classes like Rock Band and Chicago Alive will also be offered to students who did not get the opportunity to take such classes within the school year.
“Let’s have students come to summer school to experience a class that is not offered in the school year,” said Tracey Landry, the director of curriculum and instruction.
Summer school will allow students to make up a credit for a class they did not pass, take a class so they will not have to take it the next year or go and take a class they didn’t have during the school year.
“We are trying to get students to understand that learning doesn’t stop over the summer and trying to provide ways that they are interested in. It’s not just about making up a credit,” Landry said.
This year there will be bus transportation for only $25.00 each semester. Some students do not have a parent to take them, and so they do not end up doing summer school because of it.
“We are trying to remove the barriers that are keeping kids from using our school year round,” Landry said.
There is also a class for eighth graders to help them transition into high school. This class only goes on invite; students are asked to be in this class.
“It helps them in the transition to high school, so it’s going to give them some basic studying skills and tour the high school. It’s a program that’s free of charge,” Landry said.
The classes run every Monday through Thursday, so students will have Fridays and weekends off. Each day starts at eight and ends at one so students still have a lot of time in the day.