Spoken word club offers creative outlet for students

The spoken word club, called Wordsmiths, prepares to go to the Louder than a Bomb event in Chicago and perform at Spark Week or Coffee House. The club helps students develop their poetry and serves as a creative outlet for students.
“The goal of Wordsmiths is to develop students’ ability to not only write poetry but also share that poetry in spoken form. In addition, we want to expose students to the many examples of wonderful spoken word poetry that exist already through videos. We hope that students might attend live performances of spoken word,” said sponsor Amy Alderson.
At meetings, the spoken word club analyzes poetry and gives members a chance to receive feedback on their own pieces.
“At the meetings on Tuesdays after school, students watch a video of a spoken word performance and we discuss it. Then students share poetry that they have written and are working on and receive feedback on it if they would like it. After that we have been doing a quick writing prompt and spending time writing individually,” Anderson said.
Students enjoy spoken word club because it allows them to share what they have been working on.
“I think spoken word club is really cool because people get to share their writings, and it’s a really awesome experience,” said sophomore Madison Schwab.
The club caters to anyone who is curious or open to learning a little more about poetry.