Winter Guard looks to State

The 2017 Winter Guard season has definitely become a stronger team with closer teammates and being able to cooperation with one another.
“It’s a great experience full of laughs and hard work. We’ve grown together like a family almost, and we’ve achieved a lot together,” said freshman Alex Kerin.
As a team, Winter Guard has accomplished so much in the season they have had so far from basketball games to competitions.
“Our team has come so far this season. We took a four-minute song that seemed like a daunting task and have turned it into a beautiful routine. We have even received first place at Hersey,” said senior and Winter Guard captain Symantha Kehr.
There are some difficulties with coming into Winter Guard, especially as a freshman, from making new friends and learning the tips and tricks.
“It’s a struggle at first because you don’t really know anyone else and you don’t know how they feel about you, but in the end it’s a great experience,” said freshman Eli Keane.
The team also has many different personalities which helps tie the group together as a whole.
“The dynamic between the entire team is really interesting and you have to get to know each person and how to work with them, but once you understand, it all gets a lot easier,” said freshman Emma Cowart.
As a whole, the team has grown together with not only skill but also in friendships from the beginning of the season, and all their hard work will pay off at State on April 1.