Students and staff donate blood



Students and staff had the opportunity to donate blood during their gym class on March 7 2017. Grayslake North ranked third of Lake County Schools after the fall blood drive and hopes to improve their rankings this semester.

People donate blood for many reasons, but one main reason is the growing need for blood donors. In fact, someone in the United States needs blood needs blood about every two seconds. Returning blood donors take the opportunity to help the community.

“I donated blood last year, and I’m donating again because it’s a really great cause. Its nice to be able to help people,” said senior Allison Trojan.

A lot of students are afraid of donating blood, especially if it’s their first time.

“I was pretty scared my first time. I was nervous the week before. It was like the anticipation that was the worst, but when they finally stuck me, I found it wasn’t bad at all,” Trojan said.  

For other students it’s nerve racking that they might faint.

“I was scared because I might faint. I feel like it would be really embarrassing, so I make sure I eat a good breakfast beforehand. Overall it’s worth it,” said junior Anne Mattea.

Students donate their blood to help others even though they may be nervous. For some, being able to give a part of themselves is gratifying enough. The proceeds from the blood drive also go toward the school.

“It’s my first time donating blood, I’m donating because it’s a good thing to do and a lot of people need it,” said sophomore Tyler Palo.

Weather it’s simply to save lives, better the community or help the school, hopefully this spring donors will be able to meet their goals.