Voice of Democracy winner continues to Fifth District

Junior student Alexandra Almanza became the Voice of Democracy winner in November.
Last semester, through the American Legion, the AP US classes were told about a scholarship being given out. The students had to write an essay on their opinions about the community and responsibilities.
“This year, the topic was ‘What is the student’s responsibility to the country?,” said history teacher Roxanne Bristow.
Alexandra is very passionate about writing, especially when it’s about her community.
“I chose to participate in this because one of my passions is writing about my community and what my responsibility to our nation entails. I believe it’s really essential for kids our age to stand up and share our opinions, since we will ultimately lead the future. Also, I enjoy discussing all things civics, so this scholarship opportunity really caught my eye,” Almanza said.
The students had to write their essay out, and once ready, they had to submit the essay over audio.
“My biggest concern in submitting my audio essay was whether I had projected my message with its intended power and patriotism, since I only recorded it once through and submitted it,” Almanza said.
The VFW made the scholarship for the Patriotic Educational Program. The program teaches students about honor and responsibilities.
Almanza has had so much support from her teachers, friends, and family all cheering her on and believing in her. There are nothing but nice things to say about her.
“Alex is motivated,” said English teacher Jamie Foate. “She obviously takes great pride in her work and is especially interested in anything related to history and politics.”
Almanza’s hard work is not over yet as she will go on to compete in another competition.
“I go on to compete in the Fifth District competition, which is regional,” Almanza said.