The Bachelor Review

This year’s 2017 Bachelor has been spreading a lot of controversy throughout the TV shows Bachelor/Bachelorette Nation.
Nick Viall has been named the next bachelor for the 21st season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette after many attempts to find love.
The host of the show is Chris Harrison, who has helped many men and women find love. The show works like this: A man is chosen to be the bachelor and will meet up to 30 women that are interested in him. During the weeks, he will chose the girls he wants to go on dates with. At the end of each week, he gives out roses to the girls he wants to stay; girls who do not receive a rose must go home. When it gets down to two women, he must chose who he wants to be engaged with. The lady who is not chosen in the end normally ends up being the next bachelorette. Then she becomes the one men are trying to fight for.
This is Nick Viall’s fourth attempt at love on this show. He was first introduced on the Bachelorette’s Andi Dorfman’s season and was one of the last two remaining.
The show is definitely something people should watch if they enjoy watching drama and romance. The drama however can get annoying at times once one person starts being rude and possessive. With 30 men or women in one house, drama is bound to happen, and people can’t help but route for a few people who you think would be good for the bachelor or bachelorette.
Watch bachelor Nick and his journey to find love on ABC every Monday night at eight.