Class helps prepare students for SAT

In order to ensure that students have the help they need to take the SAT, Grayslake North is providing a supervised Khan Academy course. The course enables students to keep a good studying schedule while receiving the help they need.
“The Khan Academy allows students to receive really individualized feedback, so they don’t need to sit through a class where they have already mastered the skill. The whole point is to enable students to maximize their time with technology,” said associate principal of curriculum Jeff Schagrin.
The course offered at the school is structured so that students can complete training in subjects independently, while receiving the help they need.
“A student can sign on, and it actually shows you how you’re doing in each area. And it lets you practice just the skills you need to practice,” Schagrin said
Using the Khan Academy enables students to receive more individualized practice before the test.
“It’s really a more personalized program, which allows students to connect to it better and learn,” said director of curriculum and instruction Tracey Landry.
The goal of the class isn’t just skill based. It also helps with preparing for sitting through the test.
“The class not only helps students with skills but also testing endurance. We’ve found that one of the scariest things about the SAT is the anxiety of taking the test; the practice offered in the course will hopefully allow students to build confidence,” Schagrin said.
Besides the class, students can prepare each day for the test just by simply going to school. Unlike in the past, the SAT is now more skills based.
“The SAT has made an effort this year to be more skills based instead of an aptitude test, so the things that students learn in the classroom will prepare them for the test,” Schagrin said.
The course that’s offered at the school is not the only option for students, since some students may enjoy a more traditional style of learning.
“For students that want a more traditional class, we are working closely with Sylvan’s who offers a couple different sessions on the weekend,” Landry said.