New superintedent prepares to take on new role

On July 17, Dr. Mikkel Storaasli will be instated as the new district superintendent. The previous superintendent, Dr. Catherine Finger, retires after many years and will work together with Dr. Storaasli to smooth the transition.
Dr. Storaasli worked as the assistant superintendent at another dual high school district in Franklin Park, containing the high schools East Leyden and West Leyden. Before he was the assistant superintendent, Dr. Storaasli taught math and became the math department chair.
“Our district [Leyden] was one of the first in the nation to pilate one to one Chromebook technology, and I would like to continue using technology to help students and teachers produce authentic work,” said Dr. Storaasli.
Dr. Storaasli originally wanted to make an impact on students as a teacher and now enjoys the difference he will make for students as a superintendent.
“I decided to become a superintendent for similar reasons that teachers become teachers. As a teacher, you make close connections with the hundred or so students you teach a day. I decided to become a superintendent because it enables me to impact the thousands of students learning,” Storaasli said.
Dr. Storaasli will be instated as the district superintendent on July 17 of this year. He looks forward to meeting and hearing from the members of the community.
“I’m looking forward most to meeting and getting to know the students, staff, and community members. I’m very excited to hear everyone’s opinions, and I’m looking forward to getting involved in the community,” Storaasli said.
Dr. Storaasli and Dr. Finger will work together to ensure that Dr. Storaasli will be able to make a smooth transition into the district.
“The School Board, Dr. Storaasli, and I have been working together to create a seamless transition together. Together we are arranging opportunities to introduce Dr. Storaasli to our school and district leaders and to catch him up to speed on important district processes, policies, procedures, and protocols. The culture and history of our district and school community are also being discussed. Near the end of the semester, opportunities to meet the staff will also be created,” said Superintendent Dr. Catherine Finger.
Dr. Storaasli aims to maintain the success that the district has seen under Dr. Finger, while targeting areas that need to be strengthened.
“My plan as superintendent is to learn the strengths and areas of improvement and continue the practices that have set the district on a trend of success,” Storaasli said.
Dr. Finger believes that Dr. Storaasli will be a great fit in the district.
“Dr. Storaasli is a fabulous person and the right next leader for our district. The Board of Education did a great job of selecting a school leader with skills, expertise, and passions that align with who we are and who we hope to become in GCHSD 127. Dr. Storaasli and I are spending time together to prepare him for the smoothest possible start, and every conversation we have serves to further my confidence in him as the perfect leader for our school community,” Finger said.