Math Team begins competition season

 The Math Team has been doing their best to get a good place in the competitions.

   The Math Team meets after school on Tuesdays in room A307, where they practice math problems to prepare for competitions and contests.

   “We do practice problems during our weekly meetings, and we go over important topics and concepts that could show up in the competitions,” said president of the Math Team Benjamin Tompoles.

    The team participates in contests during December, January and February, then in April there is a state competition.

     “I believe that we can earn enough points to make it to state this year,” Tompoles said.

   The team is still looking for more members to join the team. They want more freshmen and sophomores to join.

   “We have roughly 16 people on our team right now. We definitely need more freshmen and sophomores in order to have a full team for competitions,” Tompoles said.

We have a strong junior and senior contingent.  However, we only have one freshman this semester, so we are looking to recruit more freshmen for the future,” said math teacher Alex DeGroh

   The math team is filled with people with different minds. When those minds work together, it’s a lot easier to solve problems.

   “I believe that our greatest strength is the individual talent on the team. Everybody has something to add, and we are able to bring all of our knowledge together to perform as a team,” Tompoles said.