Choir holds winter concert


The 2016 winter choir concert occurred on December 9 with an energized crowd and a variety of song selections.

 “The songs for this concert all fit a holiday/winter theme.  The Tran-Siberian Orchestra show that we did was something very special that was not typical of what we normally do,” said choir director Paul Nielsen.

 In choir concerts, there are not only traditional choirs such as Honors Choir or Concert Choir, but there are also other choirs such as Slam Funk and Pirate Choir, who also perform in the concerts.

 “[Slam Funk] practices once a week on Thursdays [and] the best advice I can give is just to have fun and play like you mean it. There’s plenty of playing but there are also some fun choreographed moves in the horn section, so being willing to try new things and having fun is equally important as your playing ability in Slam Funk,” said sophomore Nick Schneider.

 When it comes to performances, there are multiple ways to perform, and choir is also a class, so if someone wanted to join they definitely could.

 “There are three choirs. Most start out in Concert Choir for a year or [possibly] two and then audition to get into one of our Honors Choirs, [and] performance based music classes are not only fun, but also help you use a variety of different skills all at the same time. We learn about physics, anatomy, literature, history and even math in the context of music,” Nielsen said.

Joining choir can also help a person become better in an instrument and they can meet new friends as well.

“I practice both of my saxophones for Slam Funk as well as my private lessons, which I take to make myself a better musician. Occasionally we have to memorize certain songs and some songs have complicated parts, so I take the music home and practice it so I can play it well for the future performances. I got involved because I really enjoy playing my instruments, so it was another opportunity for me to do so. It seemed like a lot of fun and some of my friends were trying out as well,” Schneider said.