Holiday Help Program supports families

 The Holiday Help Program has been working to make sure people in need have a good holiday this year.

    Throughout the school in the main offices there were paper ornaments hug on the desks.On the ornaments are requests of what a person in need wants for christmas. Most people ask for coats, clothes, shoes, and warm blankets.

   “Families are typically asking for coats and bedding, we’ve had on an occasion families will ask for a video game counsel,” said social worker Joseph Alger.

   Gift tags were put up a few days before Thanksgiving break so that people can buy gifts before black friday and get the shopping over. Gifs need to be wrapped and in the correct place a week before finals.

   “Gifts need to be purchased, wrapped with the tag attached and returned to the attendance office by December 9 and then are distributed the week of finals,” said dean secretary Emily Amelio.

   This is the program’s fifth year at this school. It was Amelio’s Idea to start the program when she first started working here.

   “I worked at Lakes High School for seven years and ran the program there. When I started here five years ago I approached administration about running the program here and they were all for it,” said Amelio.

   Anyone can be involved with buying gifts, teacher and students can help to make a family’s holiday a little better. Sports teams such as the basketball team has chipped in for years. The more people who get involved the more gifts the ones in need get. Nobody has to take just one request, anyone can take as many as they want.

   “I took more than one, I took four ornaments,,” said english teacher Ashley Kopecky.

   The important thing about the holidays is being able to give and make people feel good, along with being able to feel good yourself.

   “It makes me feel good, but I don’t like to think it’s about me,” Kopecky said.