Students Navigate the College Application Process

It’s five hours into a late night of writing college essays and school work as a student prepares for the next stage of their life. They keep getting more and more work leading them to become frustrated with all the work they have to accomplish and all the applications for college they need to turn in by November 1, and in high school getting through the college application process needs a lot of time.

When it comes to applying for college, getting through the process can be a difficult task, but there are plenty of resources that students can go to for anything they need help with. Applying for college is also a big step into where someone is headed into the future.

“College can definitely seem scary, but college visits [help to] ease that. I have visited [the] University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Iowa, and Johns Hopkins [University], and being able to walk around campus and talk to current students helped me [visualize]  myself at that school and find things that are important to me in a school. This has made my college application process easier, as I envisioned myself as a student on that campus, which made my essays and things like that more genuine,” said senior Rebecca Sosa.

Students also need a sense of time management for when to turn in all their applications so that they can get the chance at a scholarship and get into their desired college.

“Seniors should apply in the fall, [between] August [and] October 31. This will also help with scholarships,” said college counselor Jamie McKenna.

When applying for a college, students need the correct materials to help guide them through the process.

“Materials can be found in lots of places. The college website is the main place. There’s also Naviance, which North uses for college and career. Finally there is Common App. This is new and only certain schools are a part of it,” said College and Career Counselor Chrissy Applehans.

Applying for college is also different for everyone and since it is a new process for every senior, it can be intimidating at first.

“Applications are pretty challenging for everyone, because they’re a new process, but I think it’s harder for those who don’t have older siblings or older friends who can give them advice on their applications. In [most] applications, there’s more than just grades and standardized test scores. There’s extracurriculars and interests, inside and outside of school, any special recognitions earned, or any struggles [someone had] overcome.” Sosa said.