Art Club works on murals for the halls


Art Club seeks to bring more color, energy and curiosity to the halls by painting murals that will be going up in the near future. There will be smaller murals above the lockers and a large mural going up in the stairwell next to the library.

“At each club meeting we offer the option of working on one of many projects. Some students consistently work on a particular mural, while others bounce around to help on different murals.  It is a very collaborative experience as they share their talents on a variety of things,” said art teacher Kelly Bott.

The murals have been a collaborative project and will be a product of both the community and individuals. Two of the smaller murals are ready to go up in the next few weeks.

“The murals are student and community designed.  All of the murals have involved collaboration amongst the students to refine and complete them.  The stairwell mural is based on art throughout history.  The narrow murals for above the lockers will be independent themes chosen by individual students,” Bott said.

The large mural in the stairwell is themed art throughout the ages and will be painted in styles that reflect the different periods. The stairway mural, due to it’s large size, has to go up in segments, the first of which they will hopefully start this month. Students like working in at club for many reasons.

“I like being in Art Club because I enjoy painting and it allows me to leave a mark on the school and community,” said senior Sarahi Ledesma.

Students seek to leave their mark on the community while bettering themselves.

“I really enjoy working in art club and being able to work with others who share the same interests and enjoy working with the people,” said freshman Cara Delacluyse.