Divergent Review

Victoria Roth’s Divergent series has always had a lot of attention by those who fell in love with the books.
Divergent came out in April of 2011 but didn’t get all of its attention until the movie was made. Roth also came out with three other books, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four.
Divergent is a three-part series about a girl named Beatrice who does not fit in with her faction. When she is 16, she has to take a test to determine which one of the five factions she should be in.
The faction that values intelligence is Erudite. The faction the values honesty is Candor. Amity values kindness. Abnegation takes value in selflessness, and Dauntless are the brave. The test should only tell what one faction the person belongs in, but Beatrice gets three results. They call this divergent, and the people who are divergent pose a threat to the faction system.
The catch about the test is that anybody can pick the faction they want regardless of their test result. Beatrice decides to choose the faction she thought would change her life the most, Dauntless. In the process she begins to see that if she’s not careful people will see that she’s divergent, but her love interest, Four, helps her and keeps her secret.
So far, three movies have been made, but Allegiant Part 2 will not be made because the main actors do not want to make another one. It is to be said that there will be a TV show on the last part of the book with new actors to fill in the main characters.
All in all, the books are very well-written. Roth wrote the book in a way to get the reader addicted to reading it and never want to stop. While reading, people become a part of the futuristic world and begin to get attached to the characters. There are also so many important lessons a person could learn from the book.
Hopefully the book will always be loved and cherished by the people who do read it. It’s too good of a book to be forgotten.