Norwich University Camp honors senior leader

Senior Trevor Franklin received the certificate of completion in leadership for his incredible skills at Norwich University Future Leader Camp in Northfield, Vermont, the nation’s first senior military college.

Franklin attended the camp this summer and was chosen out of his group to receive the certificate of completion. It’s given to people who excelled within the two weeks.

“They put us into teams with eight to ten people, and we all stayed in that group and learned leadership activities. At the end, my group chose me as the honor graduate,” Franklin said.

The camp teaches a variety of things such as physical fitness, crisis preparedness, and survival skills to prepare them. Participants rappelled off of an 80 foot cliff and went on a three day overnight camping trip where they cooked their own meals and learned wilderness survial skills.

“I enjoyed learning how people in the military live and getting helpful tips,” Franklin said.

Franklin also attends the Tech Campus at the College of Lake County for Law Enforcement and is a Police Explorer for the Gurnee Police Department.

“I plan on serving in the military or in law enforcement,” Franklin said.

The Police Explorer Program is for teens who want to get involved in law enforcement where they can learn skills and use teamwork. They offer conflict-resolution and problem solving.

“I learned a lot. I feel like I’m really good at it,” Franklin said.