Cum Laude Awards replace class ranking

With the removal of the class rank system, administration has adopted a new way to recognize student achievements through the cum laude award system.
While class rank only showcased two students, valedictorian and salutatorian, for one achievement, GPA, the cum laude system looks to award more students in multiple different categories.
“The biggest difference in the change is that, where class rank displayed two students’ achievements in grades, the cum laude system awards many students for achievement in six different categories: dedication, character, volunteerism, responsibility, excellence and pride,” said principal Dr. Jim Roscoe.
The award is broken up into three categories: cum laude, summa cum laude and magna cum laude, each of which have different requirements.
“In order to initially qualify for the cum laude recognition, students have to have a seven semester GPA of 3.0-3.75, for magna cum laude the GPA is 3.75-4.24 and for summa sum laude it is 4.25 and up,” said associate principal for curriculum Jeff Schagrin.
After meeting that initial requirement, students show excellence in the other six categories.
In order to apply, seniors fill out an application and submit it by February 15. They will hear back by spring break.
“Anyone who receives a cum laude award will have their name printed in the graduation ceremony booklet, which will be many more students recognized than just the two for class rank,” Roscoe said.
The new system is meant to mimic the Knights Way, rewarding students for citizenship that extends outside school walls.
“Our categories were chosen to ensure that the students that were receiving these awards are well rounded and make an impact on their communities. It’s a great way to honor extraordinary students,” Roscoe said.