Operation Click teaches students to be safe

Operation Click has begun for the 2016-2017 school year, and there are big opportunities for the students.

“Operation Click is a safe driving program. At North, we remind students to make safe decisions behind the wheel by not texting and driving, by not driving under the influence and by not driving with distractions,” said Spanish teacher Nikki Kirchway.

Throughout the years, Operation Click has been beneficial for all the student body that can participate, unfortunately this does not include freshmen since whoever signs up for it has to have a license by April.

“I was a safe driver. I wore my seat belt, followed all the rules of the road, and I never text and drive, even not now I would not do that. Due to that, I was put into a raffle for people who demonstrate good and safe driving skills. Then I went to a banquet where I had the chance to pick the key that worked when trying to start the car,” said senior Stephanie Krnich.

Many students use their time to become more safe on the roads. During the school year this helps out because students are becoming to be more aware while driving in and out of school property.

“It helps by educating the student body to not text and drive or be distracted while driving. They remind everyone to wear their seat belts and stay focused by rewarding those who show proper etiquette and driving safely.” Krnich said.

The Operation Click program has been continuing throughout the years, and there are still many more years to come.

“North joined the program five years ago and really feel safe driving is important for the student body. We want everyone to be safe behind the wheel,” Kirchway said.

Being in this program has taught many students to drive more safely so that they do not hurt themselves, others in the car, and others in the community.

“It was really fun winning a car, and Operation Click reminds students to make safe decisions to benefit all of Grayslake North and even the community as a whole,” Krnich said.