Science department offers anatomy class

Next year, juniors and seniors will be offered the opportunity to take the pilot anatomy course in place of zoology.

The anatomy class provides students with the opportunity to see if it is a field they would like to pursue since a knowledge of anatomy is a crucial part in the field of medicine.

“The course prepares students for post secondary study of any medical-related field as well as a working knowledge of the human body and all of the amazing things the body does for our survival,” said science department chair Laura Bertermann.

The new class gives students a chance to explore the subject and decide if they would like studying medicine in college.

“I would like to take the anatomy class because the subject sounds interesting and I can see if it is what I would like to pursue in college,” said sophomore Emily Buczynski.

The course differs from the current zoology course and will explore in depth the structure and function of the human body systems. The course includes dissection and places special emphasis on the recent developments in physiology and the many feedback mechanisms that operate in the body.

“We have many students that are interested in studying something related to the medical field.  We recognized that while currently the zoology class was filling this need, based on student surveys, it was determined that this class was what the students would prefer to enroll in,” Bertermann said.

Some students are excited to take a class that directly correlates with what they want to work with in their career.

“I want to be a surgeon, so I really think it is great that our school is adding an anatomy class. It is something I look forward to taking because it is what I would like to study in college,” said sophomore Alexandra Sears.