Color Guard takes on a new season

The 2016 Color Guard season began with the new marching season coming into play, and Color Guard brings in a new sense of community.

“I joined my freshman year, and it was a great decision. I’ve made so many friends that I would have never made if I didn’t join,” said senior Sym Kehr.

Being in Color Guard has given students so many opportunities and have made some even more active with school activities.

“To be completely honest, my mom made me sign up for Color Guard, but actually being able to do it has changed my view on Marching Band as a whole,” Kehr said.

Watching Color Guard do their performance helps complete the whole show, especially during band competitions. The Marching Band does do most of the show, but it comes together with Color Guard there to show the complete story.

“When I was a freshman in Marching Band I thought that Color Guard was an okay thing. Now that I’m a senior, I don’t mind it, I have met some great people through it,” said Senior Allison Schultz.

When a freshman joins Color Guard, a new piece of equipment that a student picks up for the first time is definitely something new, and something exciting.

“The hardest part would have to be picking up a new piece of equipment and learning how to use it. Especially if you are a freshman and have not used it before.” Kehr said.

Joining Color Guard is a great way to get involved in school. Even the captains recommend it for incoming freshman, or even to join any four years.

“Of course I would recommend it. It’s a great sense of community in guard and in band. Plus, it is something to look forward to. I would definitely recommend it for anyone in band, even just to try it out,” the captains of Color Guard, Sym Kehr and Melissa Olhausen said.