Student Council prepares for Homecoming

The 2016 Homecoming is here, and Student Council and teachers have some exciting activities planned for Homecoming week.
“The staff is definitely a big part of making Homecoming memorable. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do everything we do,” said Student Council president Stephanie Johnson.
As this year’s Homecoming is bringing people together for either the first time or the last time, there are still exciting things that happen. All these grades have an exciting opportunity to window decorate, join Powder Puff, as well as an activity knight.
“It takes almost a whole year to prepare for the next year’s Homecoming,” said English teacher and Activity Director Molly Tomlinson, “Once Homecoming is over, we pretty much start to plan for the next year.”
Homecoming is an amazing opportunity to join together as a school and community. It takes many, many months of preparation.
“It mainly has to do with the student body. There’s a vote through Schoology, and whichever theme gets the most votes, we choose,” said Student Council sponsor Rose Anderson.
Themes are a very important part in the making of Homecoming. All the themes are different in some way, shape or form.
“My freshman year we did Game Night; sophomore year we did California Dreamin,’ and last year we did the Oscars! I know in years past there has been an outer space theme and there was Neon Lights. There’s been so many it’s hard to remember!” Johnson said.
The Student Council and teachers had always chosen a specific date and time for the students’ benefit.
“We usually like end of September or beginning of October so the students get to know the school and get comfortable with each other. We also try to choose a date that does not clash with other schools near us,” Johnson said.
As the time nears for this year’s Homecoming to occur, make sure to buy a ticket, show up, and hang out with friends. Don’t miss this year’s Homecoming, “A Knight Under the Stars.”