Girls golf team works to improve goals


The girls golf team starts the season by looking to meet their goals and by wanting to improve during their practices.
“Our main goal is to try to improve at every match, dual, and tournament. So far, we have been doing that. We have improved on our low team score in three straight duals,” said coach Scott Ewen.
The girls practice on a daily basis to prepare for a match.
“We practice at both a driving range and at Brae Loch Golf Course. When we are at the driving range for practice, we are really working on swing technique and trying to get in a lot of repetitions. When we practice at Brae Loch, we are working on things like course management and club selection,” Ewen said.
Freshman Cara Delacluyse enjoys practicing with her team and coaches.
“My favorite part of golf is working with our coaches. They are really supportive, and they make practice fun,” Delacluyse said.
Tournaments not only provide an opportunity for the girls to demonstrate their skills, but they also are fun. The girls get to bond as a team and spend time together even though the team consists of girls from both Central and North.
“I really look forward to our tournaments and duals on the road. When we have an away contest, we seem to always have a great time. It really turns into fun team bonding experiences that usually end with a team meal or an ice cream stop. Since we have girls from both North and Central, these trips turn into a great way for us to all get to know each other,” Ewen said.
Senior Anna Watters looks forward to the season for opportunities to improve.
“I look forward to improving on my score as much as possible, and I love spending time with the team,” Watters said.