The Dead Last 5K raises money for The Oasis


The 3rd annual Dead Last 5K was held on September 10 at CLC to raise money for The Oasis.
The run is a fun run and a 5k run that supports The Oasis so that they can support the youth of Grayslake.
“The Oasis is a teen center in Grayslake where kids can go to hang out and have fun,” said history teacher Emily Hinz.
Students from GNHS and GCHS get involved every year. Most of them like to be the zombies, but there are a lot of runners.
“It’s more fun hiding out and scaring people,” said sophomore student Max Marquette.
If people choose to be a runner during the event, they have to wear flags around their waist as they run. The zombies are allowed to pop out at anytime and try to take a flag. If all their flags are gone, then that means they’re dead, but they still have to keep running.
“It adds a big level of difficulty when you’re trying to protect your flags. It is surprisingly hard to be running at your pace and then have to sprint and dodge,” said English teacher Patrick Green.
It was raining, like it does every year, but nobody let it get to them, as the runners and zombies played along.
“I think the rain makes a creepier ambiance. It’s misty and foggy and gives the zombies an even creepier look,” Hinz said.
The run is a good chance to interact with new people and make new friends.
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