Five Seconds of Summer Review

Pop punk band 5 Seconds of Summer is taking the world by storm while on its Sounds Live Feels Live world tour.
The 5sos boys, Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum, are finishing up the tour with the last show being in their home country, Australia, at Moore Park on October.
The four boys got famous off of YouTube in 2011, went on tour with now one of the most famous bands in history, One Direction, and have released many EPs and two albums, and are now thinking about making a third.
While on tour, they were asked to write a song for the new Ghostbusters movie. They named it “Girls Talk Boys” and later made a music video for it. The day the song was officially released, they performed it during their concert at Madison Square Garden, also the night of the lead singer’s birthday; Luke turned 20.
The song has a good groove to it, and it told the public that it was where their music was headed. The sound is a bit old school mixed with modern day pop/punk.
The 5 Seconds of Summer boys continue to make their fans happy and will be making new music while on break.