American Horror Story Review

In American Horror Story “My Roanoke Nightmare” promises to be exciting following how extraordinary last season “Hotel” was for the viewers.
American Horror Story leaves viewers always wanting more, and as the season count goes up, so does the rating. Although each season seems to be like you are watching a completely different series, the series never fails to let down the viewers.
Last season was a horrifying story about a man that goes to live in a hotel while his wife and daughter stay at home. Moving into room 64, the only room with a terrifying past, he gets a chance to see how everything happens in the hotel. As the season progresses, he learns that there are children haunting the hotel, as well as adults who had a terrifying death, causing them to stay in the hotel.
In this season, a couple moves into a house deep in the woods, but what the couple doesn’t know is the horrifying past this house has and what they have coming for them. In the two episodes so far, the husband doesn’t believe in what his wife is saying until he sees someone standing in the house, when they are not actually there.
The series shows supernatural sides of issues, which is the best part of it. Seeing how things not of this world react to humans is an exciting experience that everyone should try to watch.
This season of American Horror Story will be an exciting one, due to it being based on a real story and the excitement it gives.