When your sibling leaves for college

As students prepare to return to school and leave behind the joys of summer, many are also sending their siblings off to college.
Whether in state or out of state, when a sibling leaves for college it often impacts students’ daily life and routine.
“My brother is at the University of Illinois at Chicago, so only an hour away, but not having him home feels unnatural. We used to drive to school together, but now I drive alone,” said senior Miguel Carrera.
Some students end up spending more time with their parents while others report that the time they spend with their parents has basically stayed the same. Often, the sibling left behind reports that their parents take a new interest in their lives.
“My brother and I weren’t particularly close to begin with, but I do miss not having him around. I have other siblings around, so my parents have a little more time to spend with all of us,” said senior Kelsie Gaines.
For siblings who are particularly close, this time of transition may cause sadness or anxiety without all of their loved ones at home. Older siblings often function as role models and guides for their siblings, and without them, younger siblings may feel lost.
“[My sister] Cassie is one of my best friends. I miss her a lot when she leaves, but the fact that I can go down to Loyola to see her pretty quickly makes me feel better,” said senior Camryn Cowperthwaite.
Depending on school location, some students’ siblings can come home almost every weekend while others can come home only on long school breaks during the holidays.
“Since UIC is so close, my brother comes home normally once a month. It makes the change a little easier on everyone,” Carrera said.
Luckily, with the holiday season fast approaching, students can expect to see their siblings back home soon.
“I think I’ll see my brother again during Thanksgiving holidays, and that’s not too far away,” Gaines said.