GMS helps St. Baldricks Foundation

  Grayslake Middle School hosted a cut and shave event on April 15, where students and members of the community could come in support of the St. Baldricks foundation and donate their hair.

“I feel that hosting a St. Baldrick’s Event is a great opportunity for the Grayslake community to come together for a common cause, which is to fight childhood cancer.  To me, that is a very important cause that needs attention and support,” said event organizer Amy Corey.

Students could go and cut their hair or get their heads shaved. Student volunteers raised fifty dollars each to participate. Anyone could come from 1:00 to 7:00 to volunteer or choose to participate in the raffle and other fun activities at the event. The program benefits cancer patients, and the students.  

“The program helps benefit cancer patients because all money raised goes directly to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation who then funds research to determine new and more effective ways to treat and prevent childhood cancers.  The foundation also funds research to determine how to help childhood cancer survivors as many typically have many other health issues as they grow older,” Corey said .

The St. Baldrick’s event creates many memories for the participants and the onlookers, as they step up to help their community.

“There have been many moving moments during the events we have hosted the past couple of years.  One of my favorite memories was during last year’s event we had a young girl who came in and was getting her head shaved to honor a family member who was currently going through cancer treatments.  It was beautiful to see her want to support her family member that way.  Her grandfather had brought her to do this, and he was so inspired by what she was doing that he shaved his head too in solidarity.  It was incredible! Last year we also had several members of the Grayslake Police Department come in and get their heads shaved together.  Seeing their bond was incredible and they were a lot of fun to have come in at the same time,” Corey said.