Lacrosse team rebounds after loosing starter

After a season ending injury to a three year starter, the Knights have had a successful season and look forward to a long playoff run.
Early in the season, the Knights received a devastating blow; senior Matt Aikin, a three-year varsity starter, was hit with a speeding lacrosse ball, ending the season early for the star player.
“[The injury] affected our team because Matt was a leader and a starter for us. The severity of the injury really brought [our] morale down, but we bounced back and used it as fuel instead of an excuse, and so far it’s been working for us,” said senior Charlie Walker.
And bounce back they did. The Knights recently beat the top-ranked Lake Forest team and are currently 15-2 in the season. Their first loss came from Saint Viator in a highly contested game that finished with Saint Viator on top 9-8.
“After thinking about the loss and the rest of the season, I personally saw the loss more as a good thing than a bad thing. That loss made us feel what it’s like to lose a game. And that feeling is one that all of us never want to feel again. It will propel us forward as we take on the tougher teams in the state later in the year,” said senior Josh Davis.
While the Knights have had success in the last 11 games, difficult matchups including Libertyville, Loyola, and Barrington are approaching as the season comes to a close. These games will be preparation for the State tournament ahead.
“For the upcoming State tournament, we will prepare like it is any other game and come out expecting to win every game like it is just that, another game where we can check the box,” said senior Jake Wright.
The Knights look forward to competing in the State tournament to show what North can accomplish.
“Every game is won as a team. Every goal starts with an assist. No one takes individual credit for anything. North is a selfless team, and we take pride in that. When you are out there on the field playing, you know you are playing with your brothers. Look for us going far in the playoffs,” Davis said.