Spring break trips benefit future for teams

North’s varsity programs traveled together for their annual spring break trips in order to compete against high-level teams and also to further their team’s connection.
This year, varsity baseball, softball, and lacrosse all traveled to Florida. Both programs competed against teams from all across the country including North Carolina, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and even Washington, D.C.
“It was nice seeing other competition because we are used to our conference where we tend to predict the outcome even before the game starts,” said junior softball player Lauren Olsen.
The tournaments each team played within contained a number of tough competitors that forced North’s players to rise to their level.
“It was important for our team to travel because we got to play some better competition down there to get us better,” said senior baseball player Bobby Krebs.
Softball’s record in Florida was 3-3; baseball went 2-2, and lacrosse finished 2-0. But what really stood out was the amount of team bonding that occurred throughout the trips.
“While we were there, we bonded a lot. The experience of being with the best teammates a player could ask for [brought us close]; we all enjoyed playing in the morning only to continue our day together exploring the parks and then sharing funny stories later on at night with the rest of the team,” Olsen said.
By the end of their vacation, both teams felt more bonded, which will hopefully result in a more connected playstyle further into their seasons.
“Team bonding is huge. That’s one of the reasons why we take a spring break trip every year. Personally, I think that this team this year is the most close knit varsity team I’ve seen in my four years playing lacrosse at North. It really feels like a family more than a team,” said senior lacrosse player Josh Davis.