Math Team competes at Regionals

After various competitions and meets, the Math Team’s season has come to an end. While the Math Team qualified for Regionals this year, they still look to improve for future seasons.
At conference, the team as a whole did not win an award, but individually, Math Team players have been successful and still look to improve.
“We didn’t place for team awards due to the fact that our team currently has no sophomores, which counts for a quarter of our score,” said senior Ryan Zunker.
While the team competed well at Regionals this year, they did not qualify for the state meet. They do, however, look forward to what the future holds for the team.
“While we won’t be competing at State, I am very happy with my performance this year, both in competitions and while mentoring the newer competitors,” said senior Matthew Bremer.
The seniors are excited to see what their younger teammates can do in next year’s competitions
“Sadly, this was my last year on the Math Team, but I am very optimistic about the young talent that has been coming in,” Bremer said.
The players will continue to practice and prepare for next year’s competition season.
“We have meetings once a week, which we prepare for the various parts of the meets,” Zunker said.