Benefits of off-season conditioning

Athletes looking to better themselves as players in their off-season may attend pre-season training.
“Off-season conditioning is an opportunity for athletes to gain strength, speed, and endurance,” said varsity soccer coach Alex McKenzie.
Athletes gain fitness in their sport and improve their relationships with teammates.
“Off-season also serves as a place where new leaders start to step up and a way for athletes to bond outside their season,” McKenzie said.
Off-season training gives athletes the opportunity to continually better themselves, regardless of their current fitness or shape.
Scheduling for the off-season is different for every sport.
“For soccer, we attend conditioning Mondays and Wednesdays, which works on our agility and endurance; Tuesdays and Thursdays are spent in the weight room focusing on our strength,” said student athlete Madelyn Wilkinson.
Weight room is time spent with a coach doing workouts that will benefit the athlete for in-season.
“In weight room, we focus on our strength so when we are in season we will kick harder and have more control over the ball,” Wilkinson said.
Conditioning can also differ from sport to sport but is used to build up the athlete’s endurance, speed, and agility.
Basketball has already seen the effects of the off-season.
“In the off-season, athletes will get a great deal of time in the weight room working on strength and conditioning, with a focus on making athletes more explosive,” said coach Todd Grunloh.