State changes tests for students

Hannah Rosemurgy
Executive Editor

As a result of different state changes regarding testing procedures, North is now administering the PARCC exam to a majority of freshmen this year and will soon be notified about funding college examinations from ACT to the SAT.
The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers Exam (PARCC) is designed in accordance to Common Core standards, a new teaching initiative adopted by schools across the United States. This test is administered to measure growth in math and English in a school, something that North may be analyzing in the years to follow.
“We don’t know if the test will be here or not next year,” said Associate Principal of Curriculum and Instruction Jeff Schagrin.
Illinois Congress decides if the state will take the exam, and the district is responsible for complying with procedures.
“The Illinois School Board of Education makes the decision about [exam] implementation,” said Director of Curriculum and Instruction Tracey Landry.
The data compiled from last year’s test was released, but officials believe that it is too soon to efficiently measure success, as the test is still new and only a few classes have taken it.
New testing procedures will also affect those who are applying to college in a number of years. In December, it was released that the state is considering administering the SAT instead of the ACT. However, because of ACT challenging this decision, this has slowed the process of an implementation. As of right now, juniors will be taking the planned and paid for ACT in April.
The SAT is a test specifically partnered with College Board, a program that aids students in resources before college. College Board also administers the Advanced Placement exams held in May as an opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. The ACT is a separate testing company, rivaling that of the SAT.
“Assuming that everything goes as planned, students will take a suite of exams offered by the SAT company, including the PSAT,” Landry said.
Most schools that GNHS students apply to accept either ACT or SAT exam scores. Students have the option of taking either exam outside of the school if it is not being administered; however, the test being proctored by the school will be free of charge for those students.