Boys bowling strikes back in second season


In its second season, the boys bowling team looks to win as an established, prepared team.

Bowling may not be considered one of the most physically tough sports, but it requires a balance of mental and physical strength

.“Bowling is like other sports in that it is a physical competition, but it is very different in two distinct ways: bowling tournaments last roughly six hours and can be physically and mentally taxing. Bowling is also an incredibly mental game. Despite competing as a team, their individual scores are present for everyone to see,” said head boys bowling coach Greg Geiger.

The team currently stands at a 1-2 record, but they are getting into a winning rhythm as the season proceeds.

“So far we have bowled a couple of tournaments and a couple of matches, and we are still trying to get back into the groove of bowling this much. But once we get back to our true forms, start listening to the announcements for some tournaments won,” said varsity bowler Danny Yates.

All the bowlers, from all skill levels, look to improve and to make it further this year than they did last year.
“From the top varsity guy to our first year bowlers on JV, we have all shown great improvement and will continue to get better,” Yates said.

Overall, the team is bowling extremely well, and for the future, this team can be expected to be a force to reckon with for years to come.

“So far this season, the team has bowled well and picked up right where we left off last year. Big things will come from the boys bowling team this year,” said varsity bowler JD Pelegrino.