Annual Snowball Retreat held at Camp Duncan


Long before anyone else had arrived to school, members of Snowball gathered on Friday, Nov. 6, for their 10 hour annual retreat to Camp Duncan.
“Each year it gets better,” said junior Stephanie Johnson. “The connections and friendships made over the years keep growing.”
As a part of the club’s tradition, the club teamed with Central’s Snowball students to participate in various team building activities and learn about one another.
“At the beginning of the day, you’re strangers and don’t know anything about each other,” said sophomore Sage Lawson. “Through a timespan of a couple hours, you’re laughing, sharing stories and making memories.”
In addition, there were three speakers who presented different themes to the students. This year, two Central alumnus spoke of the challenges of eating disorders and maintaining a healthy life despite problems outside of school.
“They impacted me personally by understanding that I mean something, and that if I want to make a difference in the world, then sometimes I need to come out of my comfort zone,” Lawson said.
For seniors, this retreat would be their last. However, many were able to take home timeless messages applicable to their lives after high school.
“This being the last retreat was hard for me because the people that I grew to know and the great people I was able to meet changed me,” said senior Jennifer Switalla. “Snowball is not just a club, but rather, a lifestyle. It means being a good person inside and outside of school and making every moment count.”