Football Games, Bonfires, Pumpkin Lattes, Fall Apparel

Students express their excitment for the season and look forward to the change of clothing, weather, foods and out of school activities

Some hate the summer due to its hot, humid, buggy nature. Some hate the winter and its finger-numbing cold. But fall is something different, something unique. Fall is the offspring of its neighboring seasons and seems to lie in between the two extreme weathers of its parents. Fall is like baby bear’s porridge, not too hot and not too cold, and society can’t get enough of it. But fall isn’t enjoyed just because of its one of a kind weather. Fall is more of a culture, than a simple season.
“It’s about the sweaters, the pumpkin spice, and even Uggs. It’s about the crisp fall air, apples, football, pumpkins, and soon to come Thanksgiving,” said senior Joe Fragias.
The great thing about fall is there’s something for everyone. One feature of fall that many seem to gravitate to is its food. Fall food can be characterized by pumpkin cinnamon apples, nutmeg, and other softly sweet flavors, but what makes fall food so popular is its large array of tasty choices and variety.
“Thanksgiving food is [quality]. You have, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, you name it, anything you want it’s at Thanksgiving. It’s the [variety] of it. Thanksgiving is the only time of the year where any food that you want is [in front of you],” said senior Patrick Blashe.
A famous food amongst teens these days is the highly anticipated and desired Pumpkin Spiced Latte: an annual drink from Starbucks, only available in fall months.
“Every morning on my way to school, I stop at Starbucks to pick up my Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Pumpkin everything is delicious,” Blashe said.
But pumpkin doesn’t have to be just a flavor, it can be an interesting and fulfilling activity one can do.
“My favorite activity is carving pumpkins because a pumpkin has no characteristics. It’s just orange, and round. As you take this lifeless creature and give it a feature, you can make him happy, cute, sad, angry, or even sinister,” said senior Christian Campos.
There are many activities that people can do that just are not available in the summer or winter, including corn mazes and haunted houses, and it’s nice weather for bonfires and scary movie marathons.
“Fall is an awesome season because there’s tons of activities to do with friends. Haunted houses are my personal favorite because you never know what to expect. My friends and I go to different haunted houses every year,” said junior Jacque Garza.
Along with the fall weather season comes the fall sports season, mainly consisting of football.
“During fall, football season begins and so does fantasy football, which is something my friends and I enjoy,” said senior Jake Onarhyme.
One must be prepared for all of these outdoor activities with the proper garments, especially with the cooler weather. The cold weather allows for people to not only bundle up, but also to add new layers, texture, and color to their outfits.
“Fall is the best season for fashion for both genders. The weather is perfect for layering comfortably and expressing yourself in tons of ways,” said senior Corryn Smith.
With its cool weather, layered fashion, and unique activities, it is no wonder that fall is looked forward to by many. “Take a walk through the colorful forest, go to a haunted house with your friends, or watch some football with your family, because before you know it, the cold will swoop, and you will be stuck waiting for your Pumpkin Spiced Latte for another year,” said senior Marie Amsler.