Hard work pays off


The Knights upset the Eagles for the second time in school history, starting off the year strong after a season ending injury to the team’s starting quarterback.
On August 28, Lakes hosted North for the football season’s Friday night opener. The Knights seemed to be the underdogs after their third year starting quarterback, Merrick Gentile, suffered a torn ACL during a team scrimmage the week before. Despite the blow, the school rallied behind the team, creating the hashtag #WeWill412 (12 being Gentile’s number) and gaining more student support for the game.
“I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have such a supportive team. I am very blessed to have a school and a team that have my back. Our school came together for me, and now we are coming together for another tragedy. It’s a reason to appreciate our school and [it’s] awesome to be a part of a huge family,” Gentile said.
With the loss of their starting quarterback, the Knights needed somebody to take his place, not only to lead them in a victory over Lakes, but to multiple victories throughout the season. They called on Jacob Wright, a senior who had once played as the quarterback in previous, lower level years.
“I just prepared to play my best, and since I was a quarterback previously, I just had to go back through all of the plays and steps to be ready for the big game,” Wright said.
And ready he was. Wright threw a total 12 for 22 passes, with 243 yards and two touchdowns. After trailing the Eagles 19-17 at halftime, the Knights pushed forward and came out as the victors, with a final score of 31-27. This marks the second time beating Lakes in the football program’s history.
“I’ve been waiting four long years to finally say we beat Lakes, and man, it feels good,” said senior starting lineman Jack Rutkowski.
At their home opener, the Knights continued their winning streak by beating Hampshire. Their current record is 2-2. The team and community looks forward to seeing what the Knights can accomplish this season.
“You guys can expect us to give all that we can, and we will not disappoint. As Knights, we are one big family, and we have been through a lot, so that has made us stronger. Our fans just keep being loud and the best,” said junior starting running back Dami Oladunmoye.