What it takes to be a tech student


An instructor demonstrates a project to his students. Many of the teachers employed at the campus are specialized in a specified field, such as automotives, welding, nursing, etc. Students are able to receive a detailed explanation from instructors of the field about how to prepare for a profession.

Every week, students from 22 different high schools around Lake County are bussed to the high school technology campus to take college courses. These classes help students to receive a taste of future occupations. The campus has been preparing students for post high school experience for over 35 years.
Tech offers 18 different classes, from computer support, to certified nurse assisting, to cosmetology, to culinary arts, to Project Lead the Way.
The principal of Lake County High Schools Technology Campus, Derrick Burress, said the classes offered at the campus are different than elective courses.
“Students delve deep into specific program areas throughout the year and get excellent hands on experiences as it relates to each connecting career,” Burress said.
Courses at the campus are more specialized than electives. The classes gear toward the students’ future careers. Tech lets students see how work in that job field would be.
Tech courses not only offer high school credit but also college credit.
“Over the past three years, students have saved over one million dollars in credits earned from our CLC dual credit programs,” Burress said.
There are several opportunities to get involved. Seats at the campus are available to juniors and seniors. Sophomores are exposed to introductory presentations throughout the year. Students can also tour the campus on the evening of Nov. 17. Sophomores who are interested can apply to the campus by completing an application from their counselors.
Prerequisites for attending the campus include: students in good standings with the school and a higher understanding of math or English (for some classes).
“The largest prerequisite for tech is being a junior or senior and having enough space in your schedule to fit tech,” said counselor Jamie McKenna.
The program offers more hands on experience to help students be prepared for life after high school.
“I think this is a good program for students because it gives students a good glimpse of real world experience. I believe being at tech gives them a career environment where it seems more job like than being a student,” said dean Kevin Doyle.