Girls basketball will miss seniors after solid season


se after a season of solid competition and hard work throughout the team. They look to improve during the off-season after losing valuable senior players.
The girls team worked hard every day of the near four month season, as shown through their season record, achievements, and improvement.
“We had a really solid year. We finished the season 17-14 and show a lot of improvement from the beginning of the season to the end. We wanted to improve every day, and I felt like we definitely did that this season with some great wins over good teams along the way,” said head coach Robert Nicoletti.
The team’s long hours of practice showed on the court as they shut down teams.
“We [were able to make] the right decisions, offensively and defensively, and make our team hard to beat,” said freshman varsity player Brandi Thibeaux.
This was Rob Nicoletti’s first time as head coach for the varsity team; he was very pleased by his first experience.
“I really enjoyed my first year as head coach. I was really impressed by all the girls in the program, and I just want us all to keep improving and working to get better,” Nicoletti said
The players didn’t mind having a new coach and adjusted in order to have a great year.
“It was very successful because we had to adjust to having a new coach, and we were able to do that. We were all focused on having a good season,” Thibeaux said.
The team will miss captain Maggie Fish and other valuable seniors who have given and meant so much to their teammates. Not only will the seniors’ teammates miss them, but so will the girls basketball and athletic program as a whole.
“We will definitely miss our five seniors: Cassie Friedman, Maggie Fish, Ella Swanson, Kayla Hartigan and Sammie Villwock. They mean a lot to our program and have done an excellent job,” Nicoletti said.
The greatest memory of the season was unanimously the Washington Tournament which provided excellent bonding time for the team.
“The best part of the season was definitely going to Washington. We all got so much closer on and off the court,” Stinner said.