Approaching Spark Week keeps school busy

North prepares to celebrate Spark Week, the second annual fine arts celebration, including MUSE and presentations from groups that inspire creativity during the week that classes resume after spring break.

The Spark Week mission statement, created by the committee, covers most of the goals and expectations that faculty have for the week.

“Spark Week is dedicated to increasing awareness of the arts and their impact on high school students through expression of creative thought and techniques. Through Spark Week, educators hope to inspire students to express themselves in their own lives, spreading positive and impactful messages,” according to the statement.
The goals for Spark Week are simple: inspire students to be creative and imaginative in their daily life.

“If I can get one student at this school to think of something a different way, to accept or try something he/she had previously thought impossible or not ‘good enough’ for, or to think of the world in a new and creative light, then we have done our jobs as Spark Week Ignitors and have ignited the creative thought process that is a lifelong learning commitment in our students,” said English teacher Julia Burkel.

This year, the fine arts program is taking advantage of their accomplishments and hosting a community event called MUSE.
“Our goal with MUSE is to really promote our fine arts and include the community. It’s a festival where people can do crafts to take home, participate in activities and see the great things our students do. We are really trying to make it an event for the whole community and all ages. It will take place on April 1,” said theatre director Teslen Sadowski.

The excitement kicked off with a Coffee House celebration to showcase new and old talents and to get students pumped.
“[The Coffee House was] amazing! It was our biggest turn out in years,” Burkel said.

The event came about as a joint effort between all the members of the Spark Week planning committee.

“It was a mutual effort with a bunch of hard work from faculty members; the Spark Week Crew consists of Mr. New, Mrs. Burkel, Ms. Thode, Ms. Alderson, Ms. Schwartz, Ms. Sadowski, Mr. Lard and Mr. Switzer,” Burkel said.
Planning for Spark Week involves the entire committee working hard to come together and create an exciting, invigorating event.

“It takes all year; right when this year ends, we will begin planning for next year,” Burkel said.
Part of the planning process includes booking acts.

As far as objectives for this year’s Spark Week goes, the committee looks for acts to fit into teachers curriculum to keep things new and original.

“We build it as a committee, so we try to choose presenters that will tie into curriculum. For example, we have the Q Brothers coming this year, who help to modernize Shakespeare. Things like that remind students that reading isn’t boring, and that it can be fun and exciting and innovative, and they have a voice and be creative,” New said.
Spark Week presenters also need student volunteers to help open for them. Students can present a variety of things.

“Any student can request to open for an act with a piece of their own music, poem, anything. Other than that, tap your English and fine arts teachers on the shoulders and let them know your interest in attending,” Burkel said.