Booster Club hosts formal dress resale

For the first time, Booster Club is hosting a formal dress resale event where students can donate their used dresses to be sold. The sale will take place in the school cafeteria on Saturday, February 21, from 8am – noon.
The Booster Club is accepting donations from anyone who wants to give their formal dress a “second date.”
“This event is open to anyone with a formal dress that has been worn only a few times and now sits in their closet. It is also an event to come and shop at for your next formal event,” said Dawn Johnson, coordinator of the program. “Anyone can donate a dress, as long as the dress is cleaned prior to dropping them off. We don’t want dirty dresses because people will be trying them on.”
Donating a dress has benefits for everyone involved, and it’s a great, easy way to make some money!
“There are several reasons to participate.  You get more space in your closet, you can get some cash and donate some cash to the North Boosters, you can help someone afford a dress at a reasonable price and they know they are also supporting the Boosters.  Plus, that dress will get another chance to shine.  Even dresses that don’t sell or get picked up at the end of the event will get donated to the Glass Slippers organization to help inner city kids go to a dance,” said Kristin Hunt, a Booster Club member.
It is also easy to donate a dress right here at school. Drop them off with the correct forms and collect your money after the sale on February 21.
“You can donate the dresses with accessories between Jan 26 and Feb 20. You will need to fill out the designated form, be at least 18 years of age and price the dresses. Students can drop them off in the Athletic Office with either Mrs. DeFiore or Mrs. Woolard,” Johnson said.